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What's next?


We can have a natter on the phone, A zoom or meet in person -

It's so important that we get on and you know that I am right for you , it's a long day and it's natural to want to meet a few different photographers before you decide who is best for you. I often meet couples at either
Lakeside in Essex or Bluewater in Kent (there's normally cake involved) on a weekday evening or you can even come to my Home studio In kent.

Then again around 4 weeks before your big day to go over your timings and final details plus your family dynamics as as I like to learn everyone's name, If you are having two of us both of us will will meet you on your final meeting.

If you're a little further away we can make plans around you or even have a little skype date!

What's your approach?

We shoot your day in a fun, laid back and natural way... Our photography tells a story and is not forced or stiff. We just photograph the day as it unfolds, but of course include any group shots or particular pictures you may want and those all important couple portraits.
At the bar lining up tequila?.. we are there! The only point in the day we dont take photos of is when everyone is eating, as no one is too keen on that... or when you go to the loo as, well... that would be weird...

What's the damage


Depending on the package you have chosen we ask for a 20% Booking fee, this secures the date so its yours and yours only. Then there is nothing due until 30 days before your wedding.

Why two of you? Is it worth it?


No wedding is the same but in general - we can be in two places at once.

We bounce ideas ideas off each other, correlate shooting positions, and we work together shooting your day as a duo.

This makes prep a lot more relaxing rather than one person rushing between the couple and various locations. It also gives us more time with you too, so we can take a backseat more and be less obtrusive. You get dual angles of your day and this means that during the ceremony one of us is at the front and one of us is at that back... if your other half turns to look at you walking to them, we can capture that moment along with so many others.

How long are you with us?


If you choose the "Whole kit & caboodle" package then we really will be with you all day, if people are still getting their groove on, on the dance floor then we'll stay! We will judge it, if we know that we have captured everything then we will leave you guys to it. In the morning we will get to you at least 2 hours before you have to leave for the ceremony

If you have chosen the Kit or the Caboodle then generally this is til 1st dance (if you are having one) which is often around 8pm ish.

Do you take us off for hours for couple portraits?


We do what you want us to do. You will have seen our couple portraits, we think that having some time alone just the two of you is really important. On a wedding day this tends to be the only time you will have together. These shots, we believe are some of the most important of the day so yes, we do need to set aside a little time. The easiest thing to do is to chat to us when you are working out timings with your venue, so that there is no rushing. We will give you very gentle direction and we promise to make it fun. We have had couples say they are having a blast, let's take some more and we have had couples itching to dive to the bar - it’s totally up to you!

Do you limit the amount of images we receive?


No. If I am happy with the composition, colour balance etc you will get all edited images.

Do you have insurance?


Yes, full public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover.

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